Asked by the American edition of ELLE magazine , the singer explained that she and Bradley Cooper had “planned everything”.

Lady Gaga has confided in the pages of the latest issue of the American ELLE , which she covers. In an interview conducted by TV star Oprah Winfrey, the popstar came back on the (many) rumors that followed the release of the movie A Star Is Born .

“We wanted people to think we were in love”

The latter claimed that the singer and Bradley Cooper, to whom she gives the reply, were in a relationship. The culmination of these months of speculation was their intense Oscar performance , during which they played the Shallow tube in the eye. “Silly” rumors, said Lady Gaga. 

“I mean, we created a love story, from my point of view, as a performer and artist, obviously we wanted people to think we were in love, and we wanted people to feel that love. at the Oscars, “said the interpreter of Bad Romance . 

“We had everything planned”

Lady Gaga explained that she and her sidekick had “worked hard”, “for days”, to achieve a credible result. “We had everything planned, it was orchestrated as a performance,” she added. And the reaction of the public has been beyond their expectations. 

“The truth is that when we talked about it between us, we said to ourselves:” Well, well it seems that we have done a good job! “, Said the star.