It’s officially over between Lady Gaga and her fiance Christian Carino, according to People magazine , and people have several theories about this breakup.

The rumor of a possible separation was circulating after Lady Gaga was seen without an engagement ring at the Grammy ceremony. Also, during Valentine’s Day, Lady Gaga chose to share a photo of her new tattoo , a rose, in tribute to A Star is Born and … Bradley Cooper. Well. 

A few days later, the news is official: Lady Gaga and her ex-fiance Christian Carino have taken different paths. 

Many people could not help but point to the fusional relationship between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper highlighted in several scenes in the film in which they both hold the spotlight, but also in real life. 

“We all saw her coming with the way she behaved with Bradley Cooper …”

“It’s because his true love is Bradley Cooper.”

“Bradley Cooper is waiting.”

“This is not the second time Lady Gaga has canceled her engagement? It’s because she keeps to Jackson Maine. “