In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Kylie Jenner talks about her relationship with plastic surgery.

It must be said that the young woman has undergone a transformation since we know it and some people attribute these changes to plastic surgery. However, Kylie Jenner maintains that she never had surgery … except injections! 

“People think that I often went under the knife and that I completely rebuilt my face, which is completely wrong,” says the young woman interview. I’m terrified of it! I would never do that. They do not understand everything that good hair styling, good makeup and injections can do, for example. “

Injections can be used all over the face to add volume and change the shape of certain parts of the face. Kylie Jenner had already indicated that she had withdrawn her injections of hyaluronic acid, but now admits she is using it again. She was previously very cautious to talk about it publicly, but she does not seem to be afraid to confide in this. 

“I have injections in my lips. I do not deny it, “confirmed the young billionaire. 

One thing is certain, the young Kylie has changed since her debut at Keeping Up with the Kardashian!