Lady Diana fans remember it. In 1985, the princess had swayed at the White House with John Travolta. For the occasion, she wore a mythical velvet dress, which will be sold at auction on December 9th.

Princess Diana has always had a great taste for fashion. True icon of the 90s, she has marked a whole generation with her classy and original looks. 

Numerous personalities have tried to imitate him, like Meghan Markle, who has always been fascinated by the princess of hearts. Before tragically dying in a car accident in 1997, Lady Di had inspired several great designers. Thus, she was always very elegant during galas organized by the British family. 

Among the mythical outfits worn by the princess, we find the sublime blue velvet dress night made by the English designer Victor Edelstein. The Princess of Wales had taken her to the White House in Washington on her first visit to the United States, only a few years after her marriage to Prince Charles.

While this dress has been estimated between 250,000 and 350,000 pounds (between 293,000 and 410,000 euros), it will be auctioned on December 9, 2019. If the price seems exorbitant, it is because this outfit has remained in history. At the famous gala dinner hosted by then President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, Lady Di danced with a guest of choice, John Travolta. On the arm of the actor, she had danced on the dance station on the title You Should Be Dancing Bee Gees, the disco tube of Saturday night fever.

Lady Di dances with John Travolta – exclusive interview