Kylie Jenner entrusted her hair to one of her friends, who took care of cutting her hair with kitchen scissors …

Kylie Jenner lives by her image, rather comfortably, but she does not get stuck with eccentricity from time to time.

If she regularly goes through the blonde hue, it is still rare to see her take risks on her cut. If the length can vary, the form, it is often quite classic.

Kylie Jenner, however, surprised her world by filming herself being cut … by one of her friends, Jordyn! The latter did not do things by half since she used a pair of scissors for her cut!

The confidence reigns on the side of Kylie Jenner, but also her friend who joked at the usual hairdresser of the reality show star, Andrew Fitzsimons: ”  Watch out, I’ll replace you.”


?| Snapchat 2017.11.21 Jordyn was cutting hair for Kylie with a kitchen scissor!!?? #kyliejenner #jordynwoods #kyliecosmetics

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Long waves today on @KylieJenner before @JordynWoods hacked them off with the kitchen scissors ✂️?✂️

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