Demi Lovato published a photograph in a wedding dress, which sparked a wave of reactions and questions.

Did half Lovato want to miss a message and announce good news to come?

The singer caused a small storm under the skulls of her fans by sharing Wednesday, November 22 on the Instagram network a photograph on which we can see her dressed in a wedding dress, and a white veil hanging in her hair!


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This publication blew up the counters of the singer’s page. In just three hours, nearly two million subscribers had liked the publication, going well beyond the usual number. The comments of Demi Lovato subscribers were also very numerous, but received no response.

Demi Lovato has indeed added no caption accompanying this photograph and thus left in suspense the explanation of such an outfit.

While some were excited about a potential marriage, others have seen the shoot of a next clip. This track seems more plausible since Demi Lovato does not seem to be settled in a relationship. Separated from Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato left a doubt about her sexual orientation by appearing with a young woman in an amusement park last September.

Anyway, it seems a little premature to consider a wedding, except huge surprise.