Kylie Jenner, who became the mother of daughter Stormi three months ago, says she has not changed much now that she has a child.

“Everyone says that you completely change through motherhood, but I actually feel the same, only slightly better,” says 20-year-old Jenner in conversation with half-sister Kim Kardashian for  Evening Standard. “So I do not know what has changed in my life, besides the fact that she is there.”

The reality star does have the idea that she has become less selfish. “And furthermore I enjoy changing diapers, and it is very satisfying to clean it up again.”

Learning process

Jenner sees motherhood as a learning process. “I learn so much about myself and about life, of course there are also difficult moments, especially in the beginning: not sleeping, the difficult nights, all ups and downs, and this morning I also had a hard time getting away. her: ‘Sorry, but I have to leave’, while she has no idea what’s going on. ”

She would prefer her daughter always around. “I can not wait until she is a little older and I can take her anywhere.”