A week ago the air between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods seemed clear, when they were spotted talking together at a party. Kylie is now following her former BFF on Instagram again. With that, the sky now seems to be clear.

The quarrel between the two 21-year-old ladies therefore seems to be over. The two were in a night club together and spoke briefly in the VIP room. According to TMZ, Kylie was in for half an hour, while Jordyn hung around for about twenty minutes. Kylie would be the one to say hello.

The former best friends laughed at each other when they saw each other. Their interaction would not have been uncomfortable at all. A source tells us that there was a good atmosphere. The two were not alone, but surrounded by friends.

Kylie showed her former best friend Jordyn this year the figurative door, when Jordyn turned out to be cheating with Tristan, the ex of Kylie’s sister Khloé. In the meantime, Kylie seems to have left that behind.