Bella Hadid went deeply into the dust after being accused of racism on social media. The model placed a photo in her Instagram story where she is sitting with her shoe against a window at the airport. Both Saudi aircraft and aircraft from the United Arab Emirates can be seen in the background, making it seem like she’s crashing into it. Followers were furious and believed that Bella was disrespectful and racist.

“I never want to use my posts or my platform to spread hate or negativity”

The model made its apologies on Twitter, both in English and in Arabic. “This photo has nothing, but nothing to do with politics. To be honest, I didn’t even notice the planes in the background, let alone wanting to ridicule both airlines.”

”I never want to use my posts or my platform to spread hate or negativity, especially given my own background. I care very much about the Muslim and Arab side of my family, just like my many brothers and sisters all over the world, “says Bella.

She continues: “I have never talked badly about these countries and I will not. I am only spreading the love and beauty as my grandmother and father taught me. The fact that I have disappointed my followers still “It hurts the most. This has never been the intention and I hope you believe it. I will pay more attention to what I post. I love you.”

After her original post, fans of Bella called for a boycott of brands with which the model works, such as Dior, Bulgari and Burberry. The hashtag #BellaHadidIsRacist was also used frequently.