Kylie Jenner and Jay-Z are in fifth and sixth place on the annual Forbes America’s Wealthiest Celebrities 2018 list, which appeared on Tuesday, with a $ 900 million capital.

The 21-year-old Jenner owes her capital mainly to her successful cosmetics company, of which she is 100% owner. Her beauty products have raised more than 630 million dollars since the launch.

Jay-Z has several projects from which he collects his money. He has shares in the companies Armand de Brignac champagne and D’Ussé cognac and a considerable amount of money comes in from his entertainment company Roc Nation and streaming service Tidal.

For a place in the top 4 Kylie and Jay-Z have to work for a while, because the difference with the four that they have to let go is still quite big. The richest person is film producer George Lucas (5.4 billion dollars), Steven Spielberg (3.7 billion dollars), Oprah Winfrey (2.8 billion dollars) and Michael Jordan (1.7 billion dollars).