The five-year-old daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have chosen a role model. As you might guess, she takes a cue from mom. The eldest daughter of famous spouses shares her passion for cosmetics and filming, and she herself is ready to lead them following the example of her elders.

The reality TV star shared with the fans in the social network frames taken during one of the recent photo shoots.

Me and my best friend! North came to visit me on the set and said: “Mom, let’s do a photo session together – just you and me.” I followed her instructions and repeated poses. Always dreamed of her daughter. She is perfect!- Kim told in the social network.

Followers Kardashian noticed that mother and daughter are really very similar. It can be assumed that Kim has already chosen the heiress, who will get her beauty business. According to TV news, North loves cosmetics and requires a personal set of makeup tools.

She destroys all my makeup. She likes to do makeup … She loves closing in a room with a friend or doll and doing makeup, says Kim.