Kyle Richards said that Erika Jayne does not shy away from the tough questions in the upcoming REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS reunion special. Richards, 52, spoke with sources about the pre-tapped Bravo reunion while on the red carpet for the Halloween kills LOS ANGELES premiere this week. Describing the special in three words, Richards said, “Terrifying, exhausting, oh my god, frightening,” laughing. 

Richards says she’s in a “good place” with the other ladies following the reunion, noting, “I personally was able to work through my issues at the reunion. I ended up in a good place with anyone I had issues with, but not everyone did.” “She addressed all the questions that she was asked,” Richards said of her co-star. “She was definitely put in the hot seat. It was the most difficult reunion for her, absolutely, but she answered all the questions. She did not run. She did not hide. She showed up, and it was not easy for her. And Andy had a hard job to do, he had a lot of questions that, you know, he had to ask, and he did, so it was very uncomfortable at times.” 

In the trailer for the upcoming reunion, Cohen asks Jayne’s fellow castmates if anyone believes that Jayne didn’t know what Girardi was doing. As the women remain silent, Jayne angrily says, “Can someone please back me the on what I’m saying?” A source close to Jayne previously told that, “Erika told the truth at reunion. Whether her co-stars, Andy Cohen and the audience believe it is beyond her control.”