The shooting for the film ‘Spencer’ will not start until early next year, but Kristen Stewart (30) is already busy taking on the accent of Princess Diana. And that is not easy, the actress says in an interview with ‘InStyle’.

“It’s very intimidating because everyone knows that voice”

“It is very intimidating because everyone knows that voice. It was so distinct and recognizable,” says the American, who is currently working with a dialect coach to master Diana’s accent. And that is not her only preparation. “In terms of research I have now completed two and a half biographies, I want to have everything finished before I start on the film.”

For the actress it is very important to learn as much as possible about the Princess of Wales. “I don’t just want to play her, I want to get to know her,” she says. “It has been a long time since I have looked forward to playing a part.”

Spencer is set in Three Days in the early 1990s, when Diana decides during the holiday season at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk that her marriage to Prince Charles is not working. The film is directed by Chilean Pablo Larraín. He was previously responsible for the biopic Jackie, about the life of Jackie Kennedy.