Kim Kardashian (39) is furious with the makers of a makeup app. The company used an unsolicited photo of the influencer, and Kim is not happy with that. She now demands a mega sum for compensation.

“One of the most famous and recognizable women in the world”

The iHandy company would have used a photo from Kim from 2017. She posted this photo on her own Instagram to promote her makeup line. Now the photo can be seen as a promotion for a makeup app. According to the makers, they did not know it was Kim in the photo, and Kim’s lawyer does not fall for it. “The suspect claims that they did not know that the photo they used without a permit or permission was that of Kim Kardashian. One of the most famous and recognizable women in the world. ” 

Kim therefore wants to see no less than 10 (!) Million dollars from the makers. The reason for this absurd amount would be that this includes the costs for the license, TMZ reports . She also demands all the profits that have been made thanks to her photo.