39-year-old Kim Kardashian is already a few years struggling , the US officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. Yesterday, the American star managed to achieve the desired goal.

Kanye West’s wife is more involved in politics. So , she visited the White House several times and talked with US President Donald Trump. For a long time, Kim has been urging the government to officially recognize the 1915 Armenian genocide. Yesterday, the US House of Representatives filed a petition for recognition of the fact of genocide. By majority vote, the petition was granted.

Kardashian took this news as a personal victory and congratulated the Armenians. The star showed previously unpublished photographs from her recent trip to Yerevan. In the first frame, Kim and her children posed against the background of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Monastery. It was there that Kim baptized her children. The whole family dressed similar outfits in dark shades. A mother with many children adorned herself and her daughters , six-year-old North and one-year-old Chicago , with large authentic jewelry.

“ Yesterday, an important victory took place for the entire Armenian people , when the US House of Representatives recognized the Armenian Genocide,” Kim told fans. In another picture, the star posed with her sister , 40-year-old Courtney , and her daughter , seven-year-old Penelope. The photo was taken against the backdrop of the mountains. In the frame, star relatives held hands.

The other day, transgender stepfather Kim and Courtney , Caitlin Jenner , celebrated their 70th birthday . The family gathered in a narrow circle and celebrated a joyful event at home. In the restaurant, Kim put on a light tight jacket , emphasizing her curvaceous and flared pants , made under the skin of a python with cuts on her hips. The participant of the reality show let loose her long hair and did a bright evening make-up with an emphasis on the eyes.

During a recent trip to Armenia, Kim and Courtney visited the memorial complex in Yerevan. There, models laid flowers at the Eternal Flame.

The Kardashian sisters also met with the president of the republic. Kim apologized to the head of state for , that still did not learn the Armenian language , but promised to fix it.