For her 35th birthday, Khloé Kardashian received a special gift from her sister Kim … Find out what it is!

Khloé Kardashian celebrated this Thursday, June 27, his 35 years. Her famous family, and her no less famous friends, gathered at a reception she gave at home. A special birthday, special gift!

Single since the end of his relationship with the father of his daughter, Tristan Thompson , the star of the incredible family Kardashian  has still not found love. She does not even seem to look for it.

 I do not attend anybody currently. I just enjoy my life, good times with my daughter and my family. It really suits me not to see anyone right now.

she said in a recent interview.

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Khloe talks about her dating life

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Fortunately, she can count on her big sister. In her story instagram , Kim Kardashian unveiled the gift she had made to her little sister: a crystal wallet . Shining with a thousand fires, it is the shape and the color of the wallet that made you react. Indeed, it is an eggplant. In SMS or Whatsapp language, the eggplant symbolizes the male sex.

It is a pretty naughty reference to the celibacy of his sister. A gift that True’s mother would have appreciated!