Last week, 44-year-old Eva Longoria celebrated the first birthday of her son Santiago, and today joint photos of the actress with the baby, made for the August issue of Parents magazine, were published online. Eva also talked to the editors of the publication and told them about the joys and difficulties of motherhood.

So, the star answered one of the most common questions from journalists: how she manages effortlessly to combine the cares of her son with active work. Eva admitted that this is not as easy as it seems to many fans from the outside.

Getting back to work after giving birth was very difficult. It is not so easy to feed the child in between filming, decant and constantly feel lack of sleep. The secret is not to feel sorry for yourself and not stop, but just to continue to perform your duties,

– shared Longoria

Eva also said that she and her husband, Jose Baston, were incredibly lucky: Santiago did not give them any particular trouble because of her sweet nature. According to the star, the boy is very “funny and sweet”, and basically he only “sleeps, eats and plays.”

In her Instagram, Eva has already announced the release of a new issue of Parents magazine, and also shared a touching video from the backstage of a new photo shoot.

I’m on the cover of Parents magazine! Hooray, I did it! Read my interview about motherhood and work, as well as enjoy charming photos of Santi,

– wrote Longoria