On social networks, fans have spotted a sign that proves that Kim Kardashian has indeed decided to cut ties with Kanye West!

Several months ago, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West. After a long marriage and the founding of a large family, she decided to end her relationship. Needless to say, she was no longer happy .

Kim Kardashian began to break away from her husband Kanye West when he decided to run for president. It must be said that he faced big bad buzz. Especially on the subject of abortion.

Kim Kardashian also , during this period, had to apologize after other shocking comments from Kanye West. In a long statement shared on social networks, confessed to her fans that her husband had bipolar disorder .

Subsequently, several sources revealed that the young woman had asked the rapper to undergo treatment. A request which would have refused and which would therefore have caused the end of his relationship with the mother of his children.

Last summer the two still seemed closer than ever. Fans thought they were going to get back together . While the artist wanted to recover his darling, the latter always refused.

Kim Kardashian has also embarked on another romantic relationship with Pete Davidson. Kanye West also puts a spoke in their wheels . He doesn’t approve of this new couple at all. However, he shares his life with Julia Fox.

For her part, the mother of Chicago, Saint, North and Psalm recently proved that her story with the rapper was well and truly over. It was on an Instagram photo that fans noticed that the beauty had turned the page.


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Three days ago, Kim Kardashian shared many photos on her Instagram account. At first, she appeared with a very pretty pink sports outfit. To complete her look, she opted for a pair of pink and gray Nike Air Max 95s .

Kim Kardashian also zoomed in on her sneakers in a following photo. It was enough for the fans to understand that the young woman had definitely given up on her ex-husband , Kanye West.

And for good reason, Kanye West had left Nike for Adidas in 2013, before launching his own pair of Yeezy shoes. Since the latter launched this new brand, the reality TV candidate only wore Yeezys.

There’s not a single time that Kim Kardashian has proudly displayed her Nikes on social media. On Twitter, fans have also decided to express themselves on this index which proves that she has turned the page with the rapper.

“That’s how I know Kim K is really done with Kanye, she wears Nikes. but also “Kim wearing Nikes… it’s really OVER ” . One thing is certain, the young woman no longer wants to hear about her ex.

Especially since their relationship continues to deteriorating for a few months now . Case to follow!