UNITED STATES – Definitely, at the White House we don’t pay much attention to microphones. After one of these advisers a few days earlier , Joe Biden was in turn taken in by a microphone not turned off this Monday, January 24.

As a roundtable ended in Washington, the US president heard a Fox News reporter yelling a question at him above the noise of his colleagues picking up their belongings and leaving the room.

The journalist of the channel preferred by the right and the far right wanted to know if “inflation is a political handicap before the mid-term elections”. Joe Biden, ironic, then sighs softly: “No, it’s a huge advantage, more inflation…”. A remark that he punctuates with “what a big con”, as you can see in the video below .

A situation that immediately inflamed American Internet users, especially from Biden, who usually tries to make patience and courtesy his trademark, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump.

The journalist, Peter Doocy, is not his first reaction of the type. While questioning senator and ex-presidential candidate John McCain about his bad relationship with Trump, the politician asked him “why ask such stupid questions?” (below) .

In the evening, Peter Doocy reported on Fox News that the president called him about an hour after the incident. “He said to me, ‘It’s nothing personal, friend’,” said the journalist.

The Republicans should in any case only appreciate a little, their camp having already been qualified as such in mid-January in the middle of the Senate.

While a Republican senator from Kansas used a debate on the management of the Covid to complain about not having access to the financial declarations of Doctor Fauci, adviser to the White House on the epidemic, the latter was visibly annoyed (ci below) .

The doctor had retorted by recalling that the documents were part of the public domain and were therefore available to anyone… before launching a “what a retard… it’s not possible” that the microphones had picked up.