Millions of women around the world admire the figure and appearance of Kim Kardashian, and yet she herself was once a pale shadow of more successful social lionesses. Who could have thought 10 years ago how popular the Kardashian clan as a whole would be in general and Kim in particular. Now Kanye West’s wife is on top of fame, and many are willing to change their appearance to become like her – which the reality star herself perceives as a kind of compliment to her address.

The other day, the Kardashian sisters took part in the Andy Cohen show, where Kim was asked: “Does it annoy you when people do plastic surgery to be like you?”. Chloe and Courtney laughed at the question, and Kim replied: “I think people should do something that will help them become happier. But I also think that people should remain themselves, individuals. I am flattered that they are so attracted by my appearance and that they want to be like me. I just want them to be happy, so if that is what makes them happy … the world can endure so much beauty. This is normal!”