The 36-year-old reality star , actress and model published a photo in an impressive outfit. Kim Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian) was glad the number of its fans.

The wife of rapper Kanye West has published a photo in a dress , which could not be better emphasized the dignity of her figure – high breasts , slim waist and hips appetizing. The outfit of velvet in shades of blue has a bold neckline at the front and a bizarre cut. The dress seemed to be assembled from different shreds , leaving piquant cutouts in the chest and shoulders.

The famous beauty shared the good news. The army of her fans on Instagram has replenished and has grown to such heights that many bloggers can only dream of. “That’s 146 million! Thank you , guys !!! “- Kim marveled.

Kardashian asked the opinion of her fans. “What type of content do you like most? Selfie? Family photos? I’m curious, ”said Kim. In response, fans brought a variety of options. Some noted , that the candid photo , the more it attracts them. Others asked to demonstrate beautiful and fashionable outfits. Others said , that the most intense interest they cause children star and her family life.