The problems of prisoners do not cease to worry Kim Kardashian . Last day, she visited the White House, where together with Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and experts discussed prison reform and pardon of criminals who serve a life sentence for drug-related crimes.

The star of social networks and a reality show used to come to the White House for a conversation on the same topic. In the spring, she met with Donald Trump and discussed the fate of 63-year-old Alice Mary Johnson, who was sentenced to life for a drug cartel for life. Kim supported the petition for the release of a woman and interceded for her. As a result, Johnson went to freedom, after serving 21 years.

It all started with Miss Alice. I looked at her, saw the faces of other prisoners, learned the stories of men and women in prisons – after that I realized that I could not stop at what I had achieved. It’s time for real system changes,
“Kardashian shared her thoughts on Twitter, explaining the purpose of her visit to the White House.



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