Ye West and his wife Kim Kardashian reportedly donate $ 500,000 (nearly 440,000 euros) to help the firefighters who are currently trying to extinguish the forest fires in California. 

According to TMZ, the two had a serious conversation about how they could help the firefighters. West knocked on Adidas, where he has a shoe line, and in this way could quickly get money. 

Kim Kardashian would offer two checks of $ 200,000 in the Ellen DeGeneres program on Wednesday and a $ 100,000 check.


Earlier, Kim’s sister, Khloe, called on her followers to help the firefighters by donating messages. The Kardashians and Ye West, who previously went through life as Kanye West, almost lost their own homes in California. 

Eventually, they hired a team of firefighters themselves to protect their own homes and the homes of their immediate neighbors.