khloe kardashian

It is well known that the Kardashian clan is swimming in money. Two family members are even billionaires. Nevertheless, Khloé Kardashian (37) has decided to sell the children’s clothing of daughter True (3) for large amounts online. The result: tons of criticism from her fans.

“Who would spend so much money on children’s clothing?”

For several months now, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have a clothing website called Kloster, where they sell second-hand clothes. After several items were replenished on the site a few days ago, fans found out that Khloé is selling her daughter’s clothes. And not for a cheap price: sometimes for hundreds of dollars. The most expensive item of clothing is offered for a paltry $556, while she paid $695 for it herself. 

Fans are – to say the least – not happy about this. And the fact that Khloé got a lot of the clothes for free from fashion designers doesn’t make the situation any better. Yet it is mainly the high prices that many people fall over.

The reality star receives a lot of criticism on Twitter: ‘Who would put down so much money for children’s clothing, let alone second-hand children’s clothing? Nobody looks at the brand. Disgusting, the clothing could also have been donated to people who really need it.” “I now know why they are rich… people buy everything for a ridiculous price,” commented another. 

Presumably, the reality star will not notice financially much from these spicy opinions. With her 215 million followers on Instagram, there will most likely be enough fans who do want to pay large amounts for children’s clothing. 

Her sister Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, still has fun with actor Pete Davidson. The two have often been spotted together in recent months and Kim is even said to have organized a birthday party for him. Chances are the lovebirds will soon make their alleged relationship Insta-official. But whether her ex-husband Kanye West is so happy about this, that is the question.