An emotional Adele (33) made video calls to fans who had tickets to her canceled shows in Las Vegas. The British singer canceled her concert series at the last minute on Friday, which would start on the same day, because the production was plagued by the corona virus. As a saving grace, Adele contacted the people who had traveled to the American gambling city especially for the first performances.

“I am very upset and I am very ashamed”

Several fans shared fragments of their conversations with the singer on social media. Media such as TMZ and the Daily Mail collected some of these posts. It can be seen that Adele did not keep it dry during calls and offered fans free stuff, drinks in Las Vegas and a meet-and-greet.

A fan from Mexico told the singer that he does not blame her and will return with love to Las Vegas if the singer makes up for the concert. “I’m grateful for your kind response. I really appreciate that,” Adele responded. Another group of fans tried to reassure the crying singer. “It’s okay,” they said.

Adele would perform in Las Vegas through April 16. The so-called ‘residence’ could not go ahead due to delays due to the corona virus and infected crew members. “I am devastated. I hate that it is so last minute. We have been awake for more than thirty hours to come up with a solution but we have no time anymore. I am very upset and I am very ashamed,” the singer said in a video on Friday. It is not yet known when the concert series will be overtaken.


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