Reality star Khloé Kardashian gave birth to a girl on Thursday morning. Kardashian, according to acquaintances, would naturally have given birth in a hospital near Cleveland at about 4.00 in the morning.


Kardashian mother Kris Jenner confirms the birth of the child on Instagram .

According to insiders, the reality star in the delivery room was accompanied by her mother, sisters Kim and Kourtney and her best friend Malika. Also her friend and the father of the child, Tristan Thompson, would have been present in the delivery room. 

Earlier it was already known that the contractions of Kardashian had started early. They would have started shortly after images leaked showing that Thompson had been seen kissing with a stripper.


The reality star is, according to sources of  TMZ  broke that he has deceived her, but does not want to deny him the chance to be at the birth of his daughter.

The reality star (33) and her friend (27) confirmed in October 2016 that they had a relationship. Thompson’s ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig was then still pregnant with their first child, who was born in December. In December 2017 Kardashian announced to expect a child with Thompson.

The pregnancy was not easy for Kardashian. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she said she could hardly walk and felt nauseated after she had taken progesterone supplements at the start of her pregnancy.

To forgive

People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight claim that Khloé Kardashian wants to travel back to her home base in Los Angeles as soon as possible as soon as the baby is ready.

Khloé wanted her child to grow up in Cleveland, where she lives with Thompson, who is under contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team. After everything that happened last week, that scenario seems further away than ever.

“Kris and the rest of the family want Khloé back home as soon as possible, and the new mother also needs a lot,” says a source. “It is a family with many strong women, who are all ready for Khloé and her baby.”

Other American media claim that the reality star is so in the clouds with her daughter, that she has long since forgiven her friend. “Her baby is in perfect health and that is the only thing that counts for her, the rest is a side issue, so is the behavior of her boyfriend, it is not in proportion to the great happiness that she now has,” says an insider.


According to US Weekly, Tristan is doing everything it can to win it back and keep it with him in Cleveland. ”

“He is extremely sorry for what has happened and does not want to hurt his sweetheart anymore, because his daughter’s birth also rages through his body and he clearly sees what he wants: Khloé and their daughter Ofcourse he will not put pressure on her to stay in Cleveland, but of course he hopes “, according to a source.