It has been nearly a month since it became known that Keith Harington went to a health center in Connecticut. The paparazzi made him walk around the city several times, but at last the “Game of Thrones” star returned to England.

This week, photographers met a 32-year-old actor in the north of London with a sports bag on his shoulder and a glass of coffee. Probably, Harington continues to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and visits the gym. In any case, judging by the rare shots, the whale looks much fresher and more cheerful than before. It is not known when the actor left the rehabilitation clinic: neither he nor his representatives give any comments on this matter.

Recall that in May, the star’s team told the media that Harington turned to the services of the Privé-Swiss health center in order to deal with personal problems, taking advantage of a break in work. Some insiders shared information that the list of these problems included not only depression, but also alcohol dependence. Later, other anonymous sources from the crew of the SNL show assured that Keith had finished drinking before the show ended. There were also rumors that the actor was forcibly placed in a clinic, but these conjectures were refuted by the paparazzi, who several times found Harington outside the center.