Halle Berry returned to her mansion in Los Angeles and found that the castles were changed, and a stranger was walking around inside, like at home.

The called police immediately helped to determine the identity of the new guest in the house of the actress.They turned out to be 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin, who claimed that he had a legal right to be in a mansion, and even provided documents for the property. They were expected to be a fake.

How to identify the investigation, the house of actress Eugene began to look closely at the beginning of the year. In January, the gardener Holly saw him at the door of the mansion – a man was busy with locks and quickly disappeared when he was noticed. A couple of months later, in March, Eugene tried to break into the house with a locksmith, claiming that he was the new owner of the mansion. And when Berry’s assistants did not let him in, the man accused them of illegal actions and even threatened to call the police. By that time, Eugene had already managed to change several locks, and it was not difficult for him to then get into the mansion without difficulty. By the way, Eugene did not know that this is the star’s house.