The director of the movie Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and the Show, David Litch, really wanted to include the Keanu Reeves cameo in the film. According to him, he regularly contacted the actor and did not give up this venture even after the shooting. But in the end, the director realized that the actor will not find a place in the action movie.

Information began to diverge due to the fact that we were really talking to Keanu. And even before we had the final version of the script on hand. I periodically spoke with him throughout the filming, together we tried to find a suitable role for him. I really wanted it to be not just a petty cameo for some trick, but a real reserve for the future,

– said Litch.

The director hinted that there could still be a place for Reeves in the Fast and the Furious universe. For example, the mysterious leader of the Etheon terrorist organization, the company the villain Brixton worked for, was never shown. It is likely that if the Hobbs and the Show continues, this topic will be developed.

Honestly, we have no final decision. We wanted to leave the final open. With screenwriter Chris Morgan and the producers, we have a lot of ideas on this subject, but we would not want to set limits for ourselves right now,

– said the director.