Jessica Alba doesn’t care that her body has changed her birth. Previously the 38-year-old actress cared much about what others thought of her, but now she no longer does that, she says in an interview with InStyle.

“I no longer care what others think”

“I felt that I had to be someone else to be accepted,” she looks back. “I allowed the ideas that others had about who I needed to be to determine who I was. Who am I now? I don’t care anymore. I have three children who caused my body to explode and I don’t care. I know I’m smart, I don’t care what others think anymore. “

The actress is a lot more self-assured by motherhood, Jessica says. She really embraced her femininity for the first time. “It’s okay to be sexy. It’s okay to wear a short skirt or a busy print if I want to. I can show what I want to show or cover what I want to cover and still feel good.”