35-year-old Katy Perry continues to actively share the details of her pregnancy. So, the other day the pop star told the host Zane Lowe about the upcoming motherhood . The interview was aired on Apple Music platform.

I think why am I so late – or is it not too late? – decided to become a mother. All because I was afraid to have a child. I thought I didn’t know how to do it. My maternal instinct is not very developed. When it comes to crying, empathy and the like, I say, “I don’t know what to do about it.” And then I thought, “Lord, I must not only figure it out for myself, but I must figure it out for my future in order to be able to enjoy this blessing.” So, after doing a lot of work, I finally realized that I was ready.

The singer admitted that she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom , who is raising Flynn’s nine-year-old son from Miranda Kerr, were fully aware that they wanted a child.

We were both ready . This was not a mistake. This was no accident. The only thing I was not ready for was the coronavirus and the American revolution,

– she said.

Amid the pandemic and national racial equality movements in the US, Perry has also been busy working on her sixth studio album, Smile, due out on August 28th. While preparing for motherhood is currently a top priority for the star, she also spoke about postponing her wedding.

We had everything planned out, but we had to cancel everything. We are just looking forward to the birth of our daughter at the moment. It’s funny. We are trying not to make global plans this year, because we have to live in the present. The daughter has two very ambitious, independent, free-thinking parents. We are here to support her, and I am confident that she will come to this world to teach us a lesson!

Perry said in an interview with Apple Music.