Katy Perry could not miss the revelation of Minnie’s star on the Walk Of Fame. The star is an endless fan of the little mouse, to the point of copying his look. Look!

Katy Perry never lets down her girlfriends! When one of the most famous mice celebrates its first star on the Walk Of Fame after more than 90 years of existence, Katy is here! The interpreter of “Bon Appétit” was present to pay tribute to Minnie.

The star posted a picture on her Instagram account to pay tribute to the character she loves so much. Katy Perry appears wearing a white polka dot skirt and top set on a red background; wearing a matching hat. She poses with Minnie. If Mickey was there too, no companion on the horizon for the singer!

Katy Perry has a child’s soul
Katy Perry always displays her passion for entertainment. Between a ride in a funfair in her music video “Chained To the Rhythm” and her disguises of all kinds, the star is having a great time.