Katy Perry does everything she can to protect her newborn daughter Daisy, her bonus 9-year-old son Flynn and fiancé Orlando Bloom, now that it is clear the family has fallen prey to the temper of a fanatic stalker. According to Katy, the stalker, who would be called William, has unlawfully entered the area where she and Orlando live with the children. This reports ‘The Blast’.

“He has announced on Twitter that he wants to turn Orlando’s neck”

Court documents, which The Blast has obtained, show that the singer does not know the man in question. “I’ve never heard of him, he’s a complete stranger to me. But he treads the ground where I live, stalks me and threatens my family. That’s why I want an access ban,” said Katy.

William, the alleged stalker, is said to have jumped the fence of Katy’s garden on September 8. At the time, the singer was at home with Orlando and their baby Daisy. She said on social media: “He has announced on Twitter that he wants to turn Orlando’s neck. I fear for my life, for Orlando’s life and especially for the lives of our children. I also fear for our family and friends.”

The court has imposed a temporary restraining order on Katy’s stalker. A final decision will be made on 8 October.