Katy Perry, who released her most recent Witness album last summer, is not going to go back to the studio soon. The singer wants to do it a little quieter for the time being.

“I feel like I have been on the road for ten years, so I’m going to relax for a while now”, says the 33-year-old singer in conversation with Footwear News. “I’m not going to record a new record immediately.” 

Perry says she feels like she has done a lot. “It feels like I’ve been ringing the pop star bell, and I’m very grateful for that.”


According to the singer it no longer feels like she is participating in the “game of pop stars”. “I now feel like an artist, I no longer have the idea that I have to prove something, which is liberating.”

Perry says that she has also paid much attention to her mental health lately. “I am now trying to find a balance and stay grounded.”

Friend Bloom calls Perry ‘mainstay’

She receives support from her family, but also from her friend Orlando Bloom. “He is a big pillar,” says the Roar singer about the actor, with whom she got a relationship again at the beginning of this year. Before that the couple had been together for a year, but in early 2017 they broke up because they could not combine their relationship with their busy schedules.

“For some reason I attract people who are real and tell me when I behave like crazy.”

This summer Perry said she suffered from situational depression because she received many negative comments on her latest album. Last winter the singer decided to follow a retreat for personal growth, after which she felt as reborn.