James Franco hit Busy Philipps in 1999 on the set of the Freaks And Geeks series . The actress writes that in her autobiographical book, which will be published shortly.

According to 39-year-old Philipps, during the filming of the series, she took a scene nineteen years ago with the one-year-old Franco in which she had to hit him. Her opponent was not aware that it was in the script and lit up in anger according to the actress.

“He grabbed me by both arms and yelled at me” never touch me again! “He threw me on the floor, flat on my back, I could not get any air”, writes Philipps in her autobiography.


In the book, of which Yahoo saw a part, Philipps Franco calls a ‘bully’. She says that the director and producers forced him to apologize at the time, but that he was never punished for his anger outburst.