Orlando Bloom’s skateboarding nudity went viral in 2016. Katy Perry recently spoke out about this story.

On July 22, participating in the radio show The Howard Stern , Katy Perry was teased by MC Howard Stern about a nude picture of Orlando Bloom four years ago.

Accordingly, the voice of Firework said that the fiance tried to persuade her to paddle in the nude state, but the singer refused. When Stern asked about the possibility that paparazzi could steal, Perry replied: “To be honest, I never wanted Orlando to act like that. I was a very realistic person in a love relationship.”

Continuing, Stern wondered why Bloom had decided to take off his clothes in such a space. And the female singer’s answer was: “Because he feels fit. Orlando wants to get along with nature”.

“It was Europe. We had a chilling experience for a week and we looked like naked people in Italy. I think Orlando wanted to integrate with the locals,” she said.

In August 2016, on the beach in Sardinia, Italy, Orlando Bloom was spotted naked, paddle boarding with Katy Perry to watch the sea. The series of amateurs of Lord of the Rings on the water, published by the British and American press, became a hot topic.

After a year, Bloom spoke out about the photo. The actor shared that he was very surprised when he was put on the newspaper and social networks naked. “I won’t let myself be in that situation if I know everything beforehand,” Bloom told Elle .

The actor explained the reason he took off his clothes because he thought there were no paparazzi around. “I’ve been photographed a thousand times in a thousand ways. I have good supervision. We were completely safe for five days, no one was around. There was no way anyone could capture anything. I had a feeling of freedom. Now you can only tell yourself: ‘You can never be free’, “he comically told.

On recent Instagram, Bloom expressed sadness when the dog Mighty passed away after 7 days of searching. The actor has tattooed the pet’s name on his chest as a tribute. “Right now, Mighty is in the other side of the world,” he noted.

Last time, Orlando Bloom spent more time looking after his pregnant wife. Actors took his wife on a vacation at Malibu beach before her labor. Although preparing to give birth, Katy Perry is still actively involved in promoting the new album titled Smile is about to debut in late August.