Kate Winslet, who has been actively opposing sexism in Hollywood for several years and adheres to the classic style in choosing clothes, has condemned her colleagues for wanting to undress on the red carpet.

In her interview with the British Daily Mail, Winslet noted that she was worried about the appearance of female colleagues. “I feel uncomfortable when I see women putting themselves on display. They deliberately do everything to let others see them, and this is wrong. When I’m going somewhere, it’s important for me to communicate with people, and not their assessment of my appearance, “- says the actress. She added that her own style of dress was formed mainly thanks to her mother Sally, who died last year. “It’s important for me to feel special, but nothing should attract too much attention,” Kate says. “My mother always told me how important it is to remain humble and not show yourself off.”

Kate and her outings on the red carpet: