The resounding success of the Marvel-inspired movie allows Kevin Feigi, the head of the studio, to shoot almost anything. 

The other day the producer shared new plans for adaptations of comic books and said that the first Muslim superheroin Kamala Khan, also known as the fourth Miss Marvel, is on the queue.

In an interview with BBC, Feigi confessed that very soon a new heroine will enter the universe of Captain Marvel: “Now we are shooting” Captain Marvel “with Bree Larson, but in the comics there is also Miss Marvel, a Muslim heroine, and we have big plans for her account “. According to the comic books, Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old American of Pakistani descent. Once it is exposed to the crystals of terrigene and acquires super abilities – to change the shape of the body. Then she decides to reincarnate in her idol – Miss Marvel. In 2014, Marvel released a separate comic strip on this heroine, making her the first Muslim woman to get her own line of comics.

While nothings been cemented timeline-wise, fans are still losing it over the eventual on-screen introduction of such a diverse and inclusive character.