Doctor Addison Montgomery can also be seen in the nineteenth season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. According to ‘Variety’ actress Kate Walsh (54) will return for several episodes.

“Nobody knows what the future will bring”

The actress was already a few episodes in the last season after a long absence. It is not clear how long Kate will stay. The nineteenth series will be broadcast in the United States from October 6.

The actress previously said that she was very happy to be able to play the role of Addison Montgomery again after almost ten years. She didn’t rule out a return then. “No one knows what the future will bring.”

Kate made her appearance at the end of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy as Doctor Montgomery, wife of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd. She was seen for two more seasons after that and got a spin-off, Private Practice, in 2007. Six seasons were made of that series, about the ups and downs of the doctors and patients in a private clinic in Los Angeles.