The rapper is not happy when people say that “it was Kim Kardashian” who divorced him.

Rapper Kanye West is reportedly “upset” by reports suggesting that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian was the one who divorced him.

According to Page Six, the hip-hop star, who responded to divorce papers filed by the Skims founder two months ago, and is “super upset that the story is constantly being presented as if she is divorcing him.”

The source added that the Kardashian clan is a “huge spinning machine” to make history look like it isn’t.

“Actually, he was saying for a year that they have nothing in common except the children and that he wanted to go out,” the source said.

“She did everything she could to try to save the marriage.”

The source revealed that Kanye allowed Kim to file for divorce first to “give him dignity.”

“Even before Kim filed for divorce, Kanye changed his numbers and said, ‘You can contact me through my security,'” the source said.