The construction of the Star Wars-inspired houses that Kanye West designed is in danger. After local residents had complained about noise, it turned out that the rapper did not have the correct permits for the four giant domes that are currently being built in Los Angeles. TMZ reports this.

Neighbors suffered from noise that continued until late in the evening and went to the municipality. An official then visited the construction site and discovered that no permits had been requested for the four houses. Earlier the leader of the construction project said it was temporary prototypes, but after inspection this turned out not to be the case. The rapper and his construction team now have 45 days to get the papers in order, if that fails then the domes must be demolished.

Kim Kardashian’s husband devised the science fiction domes especially for the less fortunate and called them “the houses of the future.” If it is up to the rapper, a big Star Wars fan, such residential communities are built all over the world.