44-year-old Angelina Jolie shared her thoughts about the modern world and its problems. Star told , how seeks to bring strong personalities of his daughters – 14-year-old Zahara , 13-year-old Shiloh and 11-year-old Vivian.

The actress reasoned in an interview about the fate of women. According to Angie , blaming them for a fierce struggle for their rights is wrong. “Angry women are just women who are tired of injustice and violence,” Jolie emphasized.

The actress does not find anything to be ashamed of being unwilling to follow the rules and codes ,which prevent women’s and family happiness. She admitted , he admired heroines , who do not give up their rights, even under pain of imprisonment or death. “If this is evil , then the world needs more evil women,” said Brad Pitt’s ex-lover emotionally.

Mother of many children said , which adheres to the principles in the education of their daughters. She inspires the girls , that inner beauty is more important than the outside. “I often tell my daughters , what is most important – is the development of mind. You can always choose a beautiful dress , but then , that you put on yourself , it does not matter , if your mind is not strong, “- explains Jolie.

The star is sure that it is possible to charm a man only being very self-sufficient. “There is nothing more attractive , one might even say , charming , than an independent woman with his own opinion” – quoted Angelina of Elle.

Over the weekend, Jolie was spotted on a walk with her daughter Vivien. The actress appeared on the street in a spacious long dress , but she could not hide her unhealthy thinness.