Kanye West has decided to take spirituality to new horizons by organizing very special Sunday Masses. There are two Sundays that the artist organizes his event, and all Los Angeles only dreams of one thing: to receive an invitation for the next mass. To believe a few lucky people interviewed by Variety , there had never been a religious service of this type.

First of all, the faithful of Yeezus who came to form the choir as well as the orchestra of the mass are invited to interpret the most spiritual titles of the rapper, like Jesus Walks or Lift Off , but with the gospel sauce. Then, the place changes every week and guests go on the spot at the expense of the star, whether in the forest, near Los Angeles, or Adidas headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Sacred Affairs

Of course, Kanye West requires his mates the utmost discretion, even if the use of Instagram is allowed, even recommended, during the service. A moment of very exclusive Sunday sociability, therefore, where communion is an excuse to network in chorus for the big names of the music industry across the Atlantic. Among them, artists like Diplo , Kid Cudi , or the producer Rick Rubin were present.