Kim-Kardashian-and family

According to a source close to the ex-partner, the socialite has no intention of returning with the rapper, because he has not overcome the ‘painful moments’ of their relationship …

It seems that Kim Kardashian has had enough of Kanye West during her marriage to the rapper. A source close to the businesswoman told People magazine that she went through “painful moments” with the father of her four children, and that, therefore, her decision to separate has reason and justification.

And one of the problems Kim has been unable to overcome was confidence after their seven-year marriage.

“Kanye did painful things during their relationship, which caused Kim to stop trusting him,” the source said.

“There were things that happened during their marriage that Kanye apologized for. It was painful things that upset Kim. Kim had some confidence issues. That’s part of the reason their marriage didn’t work out, ”he says.

The news comes after another source said the rapper ‘regrets’ some of his actions during his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye regrets a lot of things he did. He was not always the best husband. He knows he hurt Kim. But he will always love her ”, he justifies.

Despite the breakup, Kim continues to support her husband, especially now that she is releasing her new album Donda, yet she has no intention of getting back with him.

“They have come a long way since Kim filed for divorce. It took them months to get to this point. Kim is happy that they are getting along right now and that things are friendly. Children will always be your number one priority. The friendly relationship with Kanye benefits the children, ”says the informant.

“They will not be together again. She accepted the invitation to have lunch with him earlier this week because they are now at the point where they can go out. There are no hard feelings, ”explains a close friend.