Johnny was not invited to the Venice Film Festival, so he chose a smaller venue.

French Deauville is hosting the American Film Festival these days, and Johnny Depp himself appeared on the red carpet. The actor, as part of the out-of-competition program, finally showed the picture “City of Lies”, which fell into a production crisis in 2018.

For the red carpet, Depp wore a stylish pinstriped jacket and a spectacular black cap. The premiere of Brad Furman’s rap drama starring Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker and Toby Huss was supposed to take place three years ago, but there was a scandal on the set – one of the supporting actors filed a lawsuit against Depp.

According to Just Jared, Johnny was accused of hitting a colleague on the set in the ribs twice when he learned that the shooting day would end on the next take. Immediately after the blow, Depp allegedly offered $ 100,000 to the battered actor if he hit back.