In May, Trumpa visited White House, West’s wife Kim Kardashian, and Trump convinced her to pardon Alice Johnson, who served a life sentence for drug disproportion.

After lunch with Donald Trump, who was discussing prison system reform on Thursday, Kanye West held a speech explaining the reasons for his support to President Trump.

Trump welcomed West’s speech with enthusiasm.

Westa was attacked by other celebrities for support of Trump. “People expect you to vote for democrats if you’re black,” West said.

Prior to West’s speech, they were a member of the famous American football player Jim Brown, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were on lunch with Trump and West.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Trump and his guests would talk about the possible pardons of prisoners in the future.

They also discussed the huge rise in crime in Chicago and the efforts aimed at creating jobs for black Americans.

In May Trump visited the White House, West’s wife Kim Kardashian, and Trump convinced her to pardon Alice Johnson, who served a life sentence for a non-violent crime of drug disproportion.

The Republican president pleads for the reform of the prison system and said he was open to changes in the punishment guidelines.

The issue of reform was divided by Republicans on moderators and stubborn advocates of “law and order”.

There are people who are very long in prison, Trump said in a conversation with Fox News. “We need reform and this does not mean mitigating. Some categories, such as drug dispersion and the like, make it harder.”

“It’s unfair to African Americans and to everyone, and it’s also very expensive,” Trump said.