Three wishes. That is the great gift that the genius of Aladdin grants to the owner of the lamp. And precisely this magical object is the great protagonist of the first official poster of the real action remake of Disney. The poster maintains the spirit of the original and warns of the importance of choosing wisely.

“Choose wisely,” advises the image next to the magic lamp that emanates a blue halo from which the immortal genius takes shape. The word Aladdin does not appear on the poster, but it is not necessary. This object is so iconic and familiar that it needs no introduction.

The poster is very similar to the original of the 1992 animated film. The only difference is that, in the previous poster, the lamp is turned over, presents the title of the tape and the text it shows is much more explicit: “Imagine that you had three wishes, three longings, three dreams and that all could come true “.


The person responsible for granting wishes to the young Aladdin in the real action remake will be Will Smith. The actor will play the genius, a character immortalized by the late Robin Williams. From what little is known about the characterization of the genius of the lamp, it is that it will maintain its original color.

The actor shared in his Instagram account the poster with a funny text: “Let me out! I can not wait for you to see me blue.” The movie will hit theaters next May 24.