Rapper Kanye West (43) clearly does not feel the need to talk about his failed bid for the American presidency. Kim Kardashian’s husband (40) would normally be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show on Wednesday evening, but that eventually fell through. 

“On Wednesday, the day after the election, we will be joined in the studio by perhaps the next president of the United States: Kanye West will be with us,” Kimmel said earlier this week. In the end, that turned out not to go through: “Oh, he canceled? Okay, Kanye West just canceled. So he won’t be here, but I will be there. Can I also cancel? We will try to get one of the other presidential candidates in. ”

It was equally unclear whether Kanye West had really canceled or whether it was a stunt. Until Wednesday it turned out that the rapper’s name had been changed on the screens at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and he was no longer mentioned on the schedule. 

West had applied this year, but only received 60,000 votes and therefore decided to throw in the towel on Tuesday evening. The fact that he received few votes was partly due to the fact that he had registered far too late to participate and was therefore no longer on the official electoral lists in many states. But Kanye didn’t feel like talking about his loss.