After music and clothing, Kanye West (42) has now also turned to real estate: the rapper has started a project to develop cheap houses for the less fortunate. He was inspired by ‘Star Wars’ for the design of the houses. 

Kanye West designed  the budget houses with the home of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine from ‘A New Hope’, the first film from the ‘Star Wars’ series, in mind. During an interview with business magazine Forbes, he showed the journalist a prototype. Just like in the film, the houses can be built half underground, the rapper explains.

Kanye is a big fan of the George Lucas film saga. For example, he regularly refers to the series in his rap texts. In 2004, long before he started a relationship with Kim Kardashian, the rapper developed a sketch show for Comedy Central with a Star Wars theme. He then insisted that Kim play Princess Leia in the pilot, the role Carrie Fisher took on in the films. Since the two met for the first time there, Kim wrote in a photo of herself as the princess in 2015: “Star Wars actually led me to Kanye.”