A famous singer told about the number of their partners in a new interview.

She sings about love, sex and more than once headed the lists of the most desirable and hot celebrities. But as it turned out in Mariah Carey’s new interview with the American Cosmopolitan, in life she doesn’t change men like gloves at all. Rather, on the contrary:

I didn’t have many men, but they were all completely different. I have been close to only five men in my entire life, so, frankly, I am very shy compared to many in this area, ”Mariah commented on her personal life to the reporter. 

Western media have already begun to speculate about who among the men surrounding the singer could claim to be the most important person in her life. The first husband of singer Tommy Mottola immediately fell on this list – like singer Luis Miguel, actor Nick Cannon, billionaire James Parker and current boyfriend of the star – dancer Brian Tanaka. Entertaining mathematics succeeded.

In addition, Carey also said that she thinks about modern pop stars and, in her opinion, a rather easy path to fame:

They have no idea what I went through when I was a kid: just to be that 18-year-old girl who signed a music label. All this was up to the time when anyone could post their songs on YouTube … Many of them say that they write songs, but they don’t know how to write, no offense … No offense, but many girls simply undress in front of everyone. Do not be offended.

Finally, the singer also gave reporters advice on how to make successful selfies.

Let someone else shoot you on camera. And for God’s sake, open your lips!